Bora Kyung Min Lee

From Seoul and New Jersey, Bora Kyung Min Lee designs space for live performance. She has traveled South Korea with TONY award-winning director Julie Taymor as a personal translator and a researcher. She has assisted designer Es Devlin on stadium spectacles such as ADELE TOUR 2017 and The GRAMMYS 2017.

She is a fourth year candidate in Scenic Design at California Institute of the Arts. Her oeuvre draws from disparate mediums, processes, and studies. She directs, designs, curates, writes, and performs within and beyond the realm of performance.

Colin Yeo

Colin Yeo is a theater artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, studying theater design and production at the California Institute of the Arts. He studied abroad at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for two terms. His creative efforts manifest in mediums including directing, writing, costume design, sound design, sculpture, illustration, and graphic design. He seeks to discover artistic elements that reach an audience on a visceral, humorous, and confusing level. You Are Frogs is his first major project to be produced.

Colin is interested in underground music and art scenes around the world. It is in the artistic output of the lesser known masses that beauty emerges and where truly unique and fearless voices materialize and give character to their communities.


Nic Prior | Mabel

Nic Prior is an Australian born actor and performance artist currently studying at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. They are diversely trained with experience in several different performance mediums including physical theatre and contemporary/devised work. Favourite roles for Nic include Artist in Portrait of a Young Man (a one-person Butoh piece, dir. Coleman Grehan), Achilles in Our Iliad (dir. Jessica Hanna) and Boy in The Persistence of Men on Me (dir. Coleman Grehan), which earned them the award for Best New Talent at the 2016 Short+Sweet Festival Gala Finals in Brisbane, Australia.

Xcaret Estrada-Soto | Garry

Xcaret Estrada, 19 and raised in Los Angeles, just completed her first year in the BFA Acting program at CalArts. She considers herself to be a self-made poet, actor, dancer, roller skater, and comedic relief. Xcaret Estrada joined the You Are Frogs company in late October of 2017. She is extremely excited to take part of this project because this is her first time out of the country and her debut to the CalArts and Fringe Festival stage. Xcaret dedicates her performance as ‘Garry’ the frog to her parents who couldn’t make the show and devoted the past 19 years to help their daughter achieve her dreams, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

David Blindauer | Bill

David Blindauer is an American actor and instrumentalist from the Chicago Metropolitan area. Before moving to the west coast to study music technology he began his theatre training at the Second City, studying sketch comedy and improv. He currently continues his training in the BFA acting program at the California Institute of the Arts and is a well involved collaborator amongst performer-composers, digital artists and experimental animators. His most recent collaborations include Incorporeality as CEO Clive Bonner (interactive immersive theatre piece, dir. James Vitz-Wong), Redemption (by: Bludwork, Released CC03), jim as PJS (short-film, dir. Sam Gurry) and Prosopia, LLC as Lars Maddox and Sound Designer (devised by: Benjamin Scott).

Production Team 

Jake Maize | Lighting Designer

Jake Maize’s recent works include Asher Hartman's Infinite Chicken and the Fate of Love; Cabrillo Stage’s The Addams Family The Musical and Beauty and the Beast. He recently graduated from The California Institute of the Arts with a BFA in lighting design.

Heewon Percent Han | Stage Manager

Hee Won (Percent) Han is an experimental artist who works in the borderless field of theater and fine arts. As a student and developing artist, she hopes to explore the endless possibilities of bringing together new multiple perspectives in works of art. Her risk-taking, innovative and integrative personality brings a firm final destination to the community and herself.

Natalie McIntyre | Mask Constructor

With less than four years costuming experience, Natalie McIntyre is a new face to the theater and film community. She focuses on the sensual nature of art, aiming to reveal and discuss character through silhouette, color and texture.

Before enrolling at CalArts in 2016, she explored clothing as a medium with several college dance showcases, dressing and designing for theater, and running a specialty-dyed clothing store. In addition to student collaboration, since enrolling she has been involved with Santa Rosa Repertory Theater, The American Film Institute, and New Form Entertainment. She will graduate Spring 2019 with a Bachelors of Fine Art.